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GEN OTAFIRE: I Fasted and Prayed for Kayihura Sacking, Arrest

Justice and constitutional affairs minister Gen Kahinda Otafire has revealed that he is a happy man because Gen Kale Kayihura was fired from the office of the Inspector General of police.

While speaking at the burial of former Mutara Sub County chairman Jackson Kaginda in Mutara, Mitooma district, Gen Otafire noted that he prayed for Kayihuras fate and God answered his prayers.

The row started some time back when Kayihura refused to allow three people including the late Kaginda’s son presented to him by Otafire to join police despite the agreement between the two.

Kahinda noted that, he was very angry at Kayihura but couldn’t do anything other than keeping quiet and praying to God to pay him in the same currency.

“I approached Kayihura and presented the three names to be entered into police, we agreed but when the list came they were nowhere to be seen” Kahinda said.

Gen Otafire added that “I told him that what you have done to me, God will pay you and indeed he paid him (Kayihura). I kept quiet and prayed”.

Kayihura was fired by President Museveni in March this year and was subsequently arrested in June before being court-martialed by the general military court martial in Makindye.

He is currently on bail and seeking medical treatment from within and outside the country.
Kahinda pledged to continue supporting the family of the late Kaginda despite failing to have their son join police.

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