Government Closes Kamuli General Hospital Over COVID19

Government has closed Kamuli General Hospital after 24 health workers at the center tested positive for Covid-19.

According to the Kamuli District health officer Fred Duku, the closure of the hospital came after the latest results indicated that 24 health workers were among the 27 Covid-19 positive cases that were recorded out of the 119 samples that were tested.

“We have decided to downsize the service scope of the hospital whereby we shall only attend to emergencies in the Out-Patients Department, maternity wing and may be HIV positive clients,” said.

He said that other services would be offered at peripheral health centres.

“We have high positivity rate of between 30 to 50 percent and this implies that we are paying a price for not complying with the Standard Operation Procedures that were introduced by the Ministry of Health to combat the pandemic,” he said.

Duku said that all wards and the operating theatre will be closed for 14 days to enable response teams to fumigate and disinfect them.

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