Gyms, Casinos, Mobile markets Resume Operation as Government Relaxes Lockdown Rules

The government has allowed gyms, casinos, mobile markets to resume operation effective 14th November in a move to open up the country following an initial lockdown over the covid-19 pandemic.

In an address by the minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, the open places are meant to follow the Standard Operating Procedures.

“Casinos, fitness gyms, mobile markets and cinemas shall be allowed to operate provided the persons attending maintain a 2-meter distance and are to operate between 6:30am to 7pm effective 14th.11,2020. ” said Dr. Aceng.

Dr. Aceng also noted relaxations on the political rallies and other gatherings like weddings and parties.

“Weddings and marriage ceremonies can accommodate a maximum of 200 people with SOPs, up from the initially required number of 10 people. Political rallies are now allowed to accommodate a maximum of 200 people up from the earlier required 70.” She said.

“Churches have also been expanded in attendance from 70 people to 200.”she added.

However, the health minister  said that bars are to remain closed as well as curfew remains between 6:30am to 9pm.


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