Health Ministry Introduces New Charges for COVID19 Testing

The ministry of health Uganda has introduced new charges for Covid-19 testing services across the country.

According to the ministry, a fee of shs. 240,500/ US$ 65 will be charged per test for certain categories of individuals and organizations.

“The fees will serve as a cost recovery mechanism that will enable the Ministry of Health to acquire more test kits for continued access to testing services in the country.” Read part of the statement from the ministry.

The fees which will come into effect on September 1, 2020 is to be paid by , truck drivers, individuals seeking to know their Covid-19 status, organisations (both government and private), Ugandans returning from abroad and visitors arriving into the country.

The Ministry says it has continued to receive requests from organizations to have their staff tested, which makes it difficult to sustain due to inadequate in-country stock of test kits, resource constraints and the high cost of Covid-19 testing.

The ministry however noted that Government will continue testing for free, patients who present Covid-19 symptoms, contacts of confirmed cases, community surveys, surveillance samples and front line health workers.

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