High Court Issues Harbius Coperse to Security Agencies to Produce Detained Opposition Activists

The high court of Uganda sitting in Kampala has issued a harbius coperse to government and it’s security agencies to immediately release or discharge detained opposition activists Justin Juuko and Garypo Mayanja.
The two were kidnapped few days ago by unknown people and taken to unknown places.
In the harbors coperse the court has ordered the Director General Chieftancy of Military Intelligence, The Director General Internal Security Organization, Inspector General of Police, The Director of Criminal Investigations, Commandant Special Investigations Bureau and The Attorney General.
Through their lawyers Isaac semakadde of legal aid , they applied for harbius coperse from high court after tressing for their where abouts and failed.

It’s alleged that plain cloth security officers kidnapped them from their homes and detained them from unknown places on trumped up charges on December 12th, 2020.


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