How Jailed, Troubled, Rukutana Has Been a Problem in Ntungamo Politics for 24 Years

New and shocking information coming from Ntungamo District and particularly from Rushenyi County where troubled Minister Rukutana comes from shows how  he has been a problem in Ntungamo District since 1996 and how law and justice has been very slow to work on him, Spyreports has exclusively and reliably established.

Minister Rukutana was on Tuesday Remanded to Mbarara civil Prison for seven days after he failed to secure court bail on Monday despite having presented substantial sureties.  He is facing seven counts of attempted murder, threatening violence, assault, malicious damages, theft of a gun among others.

All the above-mentioned cases were committed last Friday when Rukutana lost an NRM back election to his main rival Hon Naome Kabasharira,  the former Woman Member of Parliament for Ntungamo District.  After  Kabasharira defeated troubled Rukutana pants down, he developed a serious anger , intercepted some supporters of the other side engaged in running battles and he later grabbed the SMG Gun from his counter terrorism police guards and started shooting stupidly and rapidly before  damaging   vehicles  of innocent persons.

He was later arrested and taken to Ntungamo Police after angry people wanted to lynch him but later transferred to Mbarara Police where he spent some days before being prosecuted and remanded to government civil Prison.

According to well-researched and investigated information obtained by Spyreports,  troubled Rukutana has been a serious problem and trouble causer for Ntungamo District political issues for the last 24 years.

“This Man Rukutana has caused political mayhem in Ntungamo District since 1996 up to now. If the law was to work on him very fast, he would have been in jail for the last 10 years  but he has been running up and down but at last, the law has caught him up and he should pay for all the mayhem that he caused,” says one of the political elders from Rushenyi County where he hails from.

The Political analyst  says that Rukutana almost caused genocide in Ntungamo District in 1996 during the election where he defeated Kazora. Political elders say, after defeating Kazora, he fronted Patrick Buriku to stand against John Wycliffe Karazarwe on LCV Seat.

According to information, Rukutana turned Ntungamo politics into tribal of Bahima and other tribes, which caused  havoc in the area. Sources say Rukutana accused Karazarwe and his Bahima group of trying to manipulate Ntungamo politics  and that was not the case. Karazarwe went a head and defeated Patrick Buriku. The tribal issues went far until President Museveni went and sorted the matters.

Reliable Sources from Ntungamo added that in 1996, Rukutana allegedly endorsed Late Brig. General Fred Kamwesiga to stand against Hon Augustine Ruzindana in Ruhaama elections to end the so-called Bahima dynasty in Ntungamo District.

However, his mission failed and Ruzindana defeated Late Brig.Gen Kamwesiga. During the elections, a lot of chaos was involved and several people were injured.  “Even after elections, the tribal issues went on and the President had to come in to restore peace,” says another political elder.

In 1999, President Museveni came to Ntungamo to solve political issues that were almost causing tribal war in the area and during his address, he said, “He was fed up of political squabbles and is tired of coming to the district to solve crises instead of concentrating on development,” he says.

“I had to come here to solve the Brig.Kamwesiga and Ruzindana fracas, and then I was called again to quell the Karazarwe and Buriku confusion,” said the President.

Sources say even after President Museveni interaction, Hon Rukutan did not seat he continued burning the fire from behind. Sources added that in 2005, he teamed up with a group of LCV Councilors from Ntungamo District, who included Denis Singahache current LCV Chairman but by then he was the District Speaker, Kakyoboye who was the Vice Chairman, Kakuru from Ruhaama among others to impeach Karazarwe from office.

Actually, Sources say Rukutana’s Mission went through and Karazarwe was impeached from office. He was even intercepted at the Ntungamo Round about and was forced out of the district car. Kakyoboye later took over as the Acting LCV Chairperson for Ntungamo District.

Karazarwe did not also sit  to see his seat being taken; he dragged Ntungamo District Council to courts of law. He was represented by former Speaker of Parliament Francis Butagira while the other party was represented by Mwesigwa Rukutana.

At the final game, John Karazarwe defeated them and court ordered Ntungamo District to compensate him all his costs and damages.  In 2006 elections, after Karazarwe had won the court case, he again stood against Patrick Buriki who was supported by Rukutana in the LCV Race and Karazarwe again won the game.

What I can still recall during the campaigns in Rutunguru Parish, Kajara County where Singahache hails, Karazarwe was accused of lying the goat to Rutunguru parish sacco during the 2001 elections. In his response Karazarwe said that  “I promised to give you a goat as a District Chairperson but before I had delivered it to you, I was impeached by your people and I was replaced so if Chairperson who replaced me failed to deliver your goat , I can promise that when you vote me in again, I will deliver your goat,” said Karazarwe and actually when he went through he delivered the promised goat.

Sources in Ntungamo say, Rukutana allegedly  fought hard until he made Karazarwe to lose his seat in 2011- 2016 NRM Primaries to Denis Singahache. “What Rukutana wanted came true but Karazarwe who was in power never shot or caused chaos but Now Rukutana lost and he turned violence, he sought he bought Rushenyi Seat,” another elder told us.

Elders added that even last elections, Rukutana lost to Justus Karuhanga but he rigged the elections where he deployed heavily and intimidated voters. Sources say Rukutana also knew that he was going to lose the NRM Primaries because before elections, some strange video showing how people were tired of him went vial but he denied them.

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