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ICT Minister Nabakooba Urges Leaders To Mobilise People Towards Wealth Creation, Not Fake Rumors


The minister of ICT and National guidance Judith Nabakooba has urged leaders across the country to mobilize their subordinates towards wealth creation and desist from social media bias, lies and fake news.

Speaking to the journalists at the media centre, Nabakooba noted that it is very unfortunate to see elected leaders spending time amplifying social media political lies and rumors. (emeeli, emotooka)  yet there is a lot of work to be done.

“I call upon the general public especially youth that this is the time to focus on work and income generation. Whereas there is nothing wrong with discussing politics, this should not take a lot of our time.” The minister advised.

She called upon all leaders regardless of their political inclinations to embrace the gospel of wealth creation.

Nabakooba added that for individuals that have a purpose and vision of living a quality life, they cannot be seen spending time promoting fake news.

Noting that the government has made it possible for everyone to get involved in some form of income generating activity.

“I therefore call everyone to use their time wisely by tapping into the existing opportunities especially at the sub county level.” She said.

Nabakooba further emphasized that given the challenges that were presented by the COVID19 pandemic, we all have an obligation to work a lot harder in order to recover lost time.

Relatedly the minister said that this week Uganda National Examination Board released dates for the finalist examinations for Primary seven, Senior 4 and Senior 6.

Nabakooba revealed that Primary Seven will be on the 26th, 30th and 31st of March, and that Senior 4 started with briefing on the 26th of this month and last group will end on 6th of April.

She added that Senior 6 will start with briefing on 9th April and the last group will finish on 3rd of May.

“As UGANDA We wish out candidates all the best in their preparations for these exams.” She noted.

Nabakooba also called upon parents to give their children all the assistance they can to ensure that they do the exams properly.

She warned schools and the general public of examination malpractice that may result to many issues.

“Schools and the general public are being reminded to stay away from any form of examination malpractices.”Nabakooba said.

The minister added that UNEB had already started to receive cases of individuals moving around in some parts of the country with purported copies of exams.

“Please do not put the future of our children and your institution in danger by engaging or encouraging cheating.” She said.

Nabakooba revealed that with the exams and the rest of the semi candidate classes resuming normally.



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