IGG Probes Two URA Bosses Over Abuse of Office, Smuggling

The office of the Inspectorate of Government (IGG) which is the leading government investigator has launched a serious investigations on two officials attached to Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) after information leaked they been involved in smuggling of goods to the Country, aiding companies to evade taxes which constitutes to abuse of office, Spyreports has exclusively established.

The two officials who will soon be prosecuted in Anti Corruption court when investigations are complete were identified as Sarah Mwesigye Kasheku who acts as Assistant Commissioner Customs Compliance and business analysis. Sarah is also eying the position of Dickson Kateshubwa who recently resigned as Commissioner Customs and joined Politics.

The other official under probe is Agnes Nabwire Waiswa the Assistant Commissioner in charge of customs and Enforcement.

According to whistleblowers’ report, which spyreports obtained a copy shows how Sarah Mwesigye and Agnes Nabwire have been part of the cliques, which has been aiding tax evasions, smuggling good in the country.

The report further pins the pair on how they built a network within URA staff from Mombasa through transit routes upto exit routes.

The Whistleblower who is also an official at URA says the pair also started a business framework within URA called ‘Adventure WORLD’, which they use to extort money from staffs. “This network marketing organization thrives on monthly contribution as more people you bring, more profits you get,” adds a whistleblower in his report.  The report shows that members require training for more time, which calls for absenteeism from work.

The report further shows how the pair has been forcing staffs at URA to join adventure world if they need promotions and favors at work.

“If staffs wanted favors and Promotions at URA then you must be active and fully registered member of Adventure World hence paying money to Sarah and Agnes,” the report adds. The report says each staff pays between Shs. 350,000 – 400,000 monthly.

In the Report, it is stated that the two formed whatsapp groups in the names of REHEBOTH and POWER TEAM ,which they use to communicate to all members and each group has more than 200 members.

The report adds that their net work at URA is comprised of their family members who have robbed the tax body a lot of money and have a lot of wealth.

Among the people in their circle are Kakaire Ivan the brother in law to Sarah Mwesigye who marries her young sister Lillian Kimukundire who is also a custom’s officer at URA.

Sarah Kasheka is also married to URA Manager Mwesigye Isha Evans who is a team player in Adventure World.

When contacted Spokesperson in the office of IGG Ali Munira for a comment, she confirmed the investigations. “Yes it’s true, we received a whistleblowers’ report about two officials from Uganda Revenue Authority about their criminal activities and we are investigating them,” she confirmed.

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