IGP’ S Personal Assistant Eats Big In Police Promotions

The personal and Legal Assistant to the Inspector General of Police Fred Paul Mirondo has been among the 733 police officers who were promoted to various ranks by President Museveni on Thursday Morning.
Accordingly, the hard working and trusted Paul Mirondo had been promoted from the Rank Senior Superintendent of Police to (SSP) to Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) which is the forth category of police Ranks.
Sources at Naguru say it has been over due to Mirondo to be promoted to a higher rank. “This man really deserved to be promoted because he has offered his life to serving police, ” Says a senior police officer.
He adds that Mirondo is a very hard working and trusted police officer.
” I have closely worked with Mirondo for over ten years in different sectors in police but he has always worked very hard despite having some challenges,” adds another top police boss.
He added that some police officers normally lose courage especially when they are removed from one department to another but for Mirondo he had always worked tiressly when ever he is posted.
Another police officer says he does not when Mirondo sleeps. “By 6:00am Mirondo is in office and by mid night he is still serving so only payment he can be given is to be promoted, ” Another source says.
He added that when Mirondo was appointed PA to IGP many police officers thought he would be so proud like how other PA’s to former IGP’ s have been behaving. “To our suprise Mirondo remained calm and close to lower ranking police officers after he was appointed PA to IGP which was very different to former PA’s, another officer revealed. Another police officer says Mirondo has softened the gap when one wants to meet IGP. ” During the era of Gen Kale it used to be so hard to meet IGP because PA’s because made it harder which is not the case with Mirondo,” says another female police officer adding as long as you have a genuine reason to meet the IGP, Mirondo softens the way.
Mirondo was recently given a medal for his excellence services to the Uganda Police by President Museveni.

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