Judge Drags Construction Company to Court Over Shoddy Work, Demands shs 300m

Justice Lydia Mugambe the judge at High Court in Kampala has dragged James Kayita and his construction company Hallmark and painting to the same court for breach of contract and doing shoddy work on her site and demands shs over 300m as compensation and damages.

According to court documents seen by spyreports, Justice Mugambe and her family in 2016 built more than 10 apartments in Bweyogerere in Kiira Municipality Wakiso District valued at over shs 4bn.

Documents further indicate that in 2019, justice Mugambe contracted Kayita and his hallmark Construction Company to carry out the final work at the cost of shs 450m.

Justice Mugambe says after entering into an agreement with Kayita and Hallmark Construction Company, she paid shs 200m as initial deposit. She says, Kayita later presented a separate bill of Shs7.6m and Shs8m for plumbing and electrical installation respectively as well as an additional Shs20m on top of Shs 200m that was paid as initial deposit.

The Judge says that in 2019, before paying another Shs100m, identified defects on the plaster and plumbing works as well as door frames and the contractor accepted to correct the errors.

“After three weeks, Kayita had not done any of the agreed rectification of the errors but had instead proceeded to fix tiles and placed undercoat plastering on all the interior walls of the apartments. Moreover the tiles fitted were different and of much cheaper quality than the Spanish, matt finish tiles agreed on and cost at the time of contracting,” Justice Mugambe states in her complaint.

Through her lawyers, Justice Mugambe is claiming special damages worth Shs323m as well as general and aggravated damages plus costs of the suit.

Meanwhile, Kayita and his company have been summoned to defend themselves against the suit within 15 days.

“You are hereby required to file a defence in the above suit within fifteen days from the date of service of this summons on you as prescribed by the civil procedure rules,” reads the court document.

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