Kadaga,Aulanya and Museveni

Kadaga, Oulanya Speakership Race Divides First Family


A Serious rift has erupted among the first Family members over Kadaga and Oulanya Speakership race, Spyreports has learnt.

Highly placed security sources reveal to us that the rift in the first Family escalated when some State House officials started openly campaigned for Oulanya.

Intelligence sources say some First Family Members say that Oulanya has been so patient for the last ten years and this is his time to take over Parliament.

“Hon Oulanya wanted to stand against Kadaga last elections but Kadaga rushed to the President and asked him to beg Oulanya step down for her such that she can complete her second term as the Speaker,” says a source close to first family.

The source says that the President accepted Kadaga’s plea and instructed Oulanya to pull out of the Speakership race, which he did.

The source adds that some members are accusing Kadaga of breaching the agreement she made with Oulanya.

However, other members from the same Family are supporting Kadaga saying she has ran Parliament in a balanced way.

“Kadaga should remain the Speaker of Parliament for the third time because she has the majority support from both Opposition and NRM and even the public loves her,” another intelligence source quoted a powerful member of  the First Family saying.

Inside source says that Kadaga has also made Parliament a strong arm of Government compared to Edward Kiwanuka Sekandi.

“Kadaga should remain the Speaker of Parliament because her experience is far better than Oulanya and even some NRM Members have bias in Oulanya and incase he takes over Parliament it will not be respected,” says another Source.


Meanwhile we have also been informed that the President Museveni summoned Kadaga and Ouanya at State House Entebbe after the two took their Speakership Campaigns in the media and outside Parliament.

State House sources say , during the meeting President grilled the pair accusing them of a shaming the NRM.

Sources say the President directed the pair to stop their campaigns.

“Your fight for speaker has stalled Parliamentary work,” a source quoted President Museveni during the meeting.

Museveni also said that the early campaigns are unnecessary because by the virtue of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker’s election happens in one day where candidates are nominated, campaign and voted in Parliament





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