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Kagame’s daughter goes on Rampage

Photos of Ange Kagame the only daughter of Rwandan ruler Paul Kagame kissing her boyfriend in public have leaked to social media.

Ange Kagame 24 years is the second oldest child with three other siblings, Ivan Cyomoro, Ian Kagame, and Brian Kagame.

According to photo released on social media today, Ange is seen deep kissing her boyfriend with her eyes closed.

The boyfriend has been identified as Bertrand Ndengeyingoma alias Billy.

Ndengeyingoma is reportedly a brother to Kaliza Belise the Chief Operation Officer of Rwanda Development Board all sons of  Mzee Cyrille Ndengeyingoma a businessman in Kigali.

The pair is alleged to have first met in September 2016 and that by December 2016, Rwanda’s princess had travelled to USA 3 times for her dates using the father’s other jet – Gulfstream 4.

“In 2017, from January up to August 2017 at the time of the elections, the princess had travelled to USA more than 6 times”. A source narrated.

It is further reported  that during this period, in all Kagame’s travels to USA, her daughter always accompanied him or had her private trips to meet her lost rib.

Ange and Bertrand at a recent function ( COURTESY PHOTO)

The couple has since been seen on some several occasions on parties and outings where they are invited together.
However, the photo has attracted a lot of tensions with several Rwandans wondering the type of Billy Ndengeyingoma who doesn’t fear Paul Kagame.
The Rwanda’s sixth and current president has always been accused by his critiques of ruing his country with an iron hand.


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