Kampala South ISO Chief Maj Musa Mukiibi Wanted Over gun disappearance

Detectives at Katwe police station in Kampala are investigating circumstances under which a senior Internal Security Organization officer lost his gun from his bedroom.

The suspect Maj Musa Mukiibi 50 years and a resident of Makindye Sabagabo municipality in Wakiso district claims it could be his own son who stole the gun from his bedroom.

Maj Mukiibi is also a regional Internal Security Organization commander for Kampala Metropolitan South.

According to our sources at Katwe police, Maj Musa reported a case of aggravated robbery at Katwe police station on 04/July 2018 that un known people broke into his house and stole his pistol , two mobile phones and his wallet.

It is indicated that this ISO boss first reported this case at Kikajjo police station vide SD 04/02/07/2018 and lastly went to division in Katwe claiming officers there had failed to help him.

“Upon recording his statement we asked him to tell us the serial number of the said gun and he failed, we also asked him to tell us how the gun was stolen and whom he had in the house at the time of house break in he also failed to explain to us” A top detective handling the case told us.

It is also reported that when police said it was going to pick the son for interrogation, Maj Mukiibi declined saying that his son shouldn’t be interrogated and that he knew he was part of the thugs that robbed him.

Police adds that the Major disappeared when they told him to bring the serial numbers of his phones to track down those in their possession something he had earlier accepted to collaborate.

He also claims that he doesn’t close his doors at night because he wakes up at night to check on his chicken in the night and hopes that thugs could have tiptoed into his bedroom and stole the gun while he was in the chicken house deep in the night.

“The man has left us confused and we think that he put this gun somewhere in wrong hands and he is just trying to cover up”. Source added.

At the end when investigators called Maj Mukiibi for his case follow up, he told them that his case would be handled at a higher level than a division.

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