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KYARENGA: Security Toughens on Concert Guidelines, 20,000 Officers Set for Deployment

Over 20,000 security officers from different security agencies have been put on standby to be deployed at Busabala One Love beach for the Hon Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi wine’s Kyarenga music concert.

According to our Sources, the deployment which will headed by Uganda police include, counter Terrorism, traffic fire ,military police, CMI ISO among other agencies.

Our sources also narrated that joint security chiefs had a meeting today which lasted for over four hours planning on how to handle what they termed as the most challenging situation of the year adding that they don’t know how many people will be coming for the show.

Security believes this will be a two in one function a music concert and a political event which will require a lot of manpower to counter handle the un expected number of fans which will be having politicians, music fans and hooligans who will be coming to rob people of their properties.

After today’s meeting, the joint security chiefs decided to hold another meeting tomorrow at the venue saying that the meeting will include other stake holders like event organizers, area leaders and familiarizing with them about what is expected to be allowed and what will not be allowed at the event.

However our sources say security is planning to stop some politicians from attending the concert on grounds that they might turn the music concert into their political rally and it would be hard for security to remove them from the stage.

It is indicated that tomorrow’s meeting at One Love Beach will be for the tough guidelines which must be followed by both musicians and their fans.
No political statements will be allowed by musicians, fans or politicians that will come for the show.

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