Late Daudi Ochieng Daughters Accuse Buganda Land Board of Grabbing 23 Acres of Their Land

Joanita Awilo Ochieng and Linda Arach Ochieng daughters of late Daudi Ochieng who was the secretary General to Kabaka Yekka between 1959 to 1966 have accused the Buganda land board for grabbing their land worth 22 Acres despite having the tittle of the same land.

The land in contention is located in Ochieng zone in Nansana and comprised of block 203 plots 5065 and 5066.

According to Ochieng’s daughters, the said land was bought by their father way back before they were born and the whole land was 110 acres before it was subdivided amongst eight children as his will read.

Daughters say that their father died at age of 41 on 1st June 1966 under mysterious circumstances adding that while on his death bed, he left orders that all his properties including land in Nansana be divided amongst eight of his children when the last born has reached 18 years.

Daughters also allege that in 2000, their clan elders held a meeting and decided to hand over the land which until then was under the care of Dr Martin Jerome Aliker and each of us got his or her shares as our father had ordered.

Daughters also said that their clan leaders agreed the following in the meeting;
That Daudi Ochieng had two wives, one called susan as the older one with five children namely Auma, Omara, Otem Lamuna and Okumu, and Emma Namuli as the second wife with two children namely Arach Linda and Joanita Awilo.

They also agreed that part of Nansana farm east of Kampala –Hoima road totaling to 83 acres be divided up among Susan’s children with each getting approximately 16 acres.

That the piece of land for Auma should include the area, on which her house stands,
That the land west of the road totaling to 30 acres be divided between Emma’ children with each taking 15 acres.

After getting our share we applied for registration of titles for 8.157 hectares in 2005 and on 25th Sept 2006 under the instrument no 371627, the land was registered in our names Linda Ochieng and Joanita Ochieng however, they never received their tittle from the ministry of lands and neither did the ministry tell them where their title had gone.

To their surprise, on January, 19th 2007, under the instrument No 375774, their land was fraudulently changed from their names to that of Charles Balaba Lulyo.

Daughters rushed to court and sued Charles Balaba for fraudulently acquiring the land.

Court ordered lands ministry to give them back their land and on 13th April 2010 Sarah Kulata Basangwa who was the acting Commissioner for land Registration canceled Charles Balaba’s title and gave it back to us.

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