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LCI Chairman in Hoima in Trouble for Reporting to Museveni about “Sick” Hoima Referral Hospital

Muhamed Kiyimba a local council one chairperson of Upper Cell Hoima Municipality has come under fire from Hoima Referral hospital management for reporting about the sorry state of the hospital to president Museveni.

Mr Kiyimba reported to president Museveni on November 16 at a function during the launch of Albertine regional sustainability project at Booma grounds.

Some of the complaints he raised before the president was the hospital not providing accessible and quality services to the population of Bunyoro region, theft of medicines at the hospital and corruption by health officers.

He also complained about negligence by the hospital officials leading to continuous death of children which he called for the transfer of the hospital director Dr Peter Mukobi.

Kiyimba who thought that he was intervening for his people in order to have improved health services at the hospital has landed into problems with the hospital boss Dr Peter Mukobi.

In a letter addressed to Mr Kiyimba dated November 16 and written by Dr Mukobi, it demanded for a written explanation about his allegations to the president.
Dr Mukibi wants Kiyimba’s explanation before November 23 2018.

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