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Lt Col Deo Akiiki Explains Why UPDF is Celebrating Its Birthday in Masaka

Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) is holding its next year’s Tarehe Sita celebrations in Masaka on 06th Feb 2021.

Lt Col Deo Akiki the deputy UPDF spokesperson explains why the force has decided to celebrate its Tarehe Sita birth day in masaka.

Through his tweets, Deo Akiiki says that, Tarehe Sita, the UPDF’s birthday will be celebrated in the greater Masaka after a good survey of its dry land.

The Deputy spokesperson says that the vehicle that drove the commander in chief and then NRA rebel leader after his own broke down was given to him by the late Col Lumumba from Masaka.

He adds that the canoes that would sneak him to kisumu would base at Kalangala, Sese islands to Kisumu for missions.

The UPDF team today headed for Kalangala Islands to reconnoiter activities to be done saying the force will be giving back to the people and strengthening its strategic relationship with Ugandans.

The deputy spokesperson added that the NRA now UPDF main battles to capture Kampala were fought in the greater Masaka with Lwengo being a spring board to attack on Lukaya, Katonga and then eventually Kampala.

Deo Akiki also said that Masaka was the route to oust Idi Amin, Fronasa used the same area, Sselwanga Lwanga, and Busagwa etc are sons.

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