M7 Grills Military Police Officers Over Mishandling Demonstrators


President Museveni who doubles as the commander in chief of armed forces has today morning at state house grilled military police commanders over the gross increase of unprofessional conducts while handling demonstrators.

Museveni issued out strong working guidelines for commanders to follow with their subordinates while in operations to control demonstrations whenever called upon.

“You must show the best discipline that UPDF has been with for last 35 years,”our source quoted president telling his commanders.

The meeting comes days after 7 military police officers were charged before the Unit Disciplinary Committee for assaulting journalists who were covering the National Unity Platform leader Robert Kyagulanyi as he presented his petition to the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Kololo.

Security agencies have since been put on spot over alleged torture and kidnap of citizens especially supporters of opposition candidates.

In the recent the commander of SFC Gen Muhoozi Keinerugaba was seen  apologizing to Journalists on behalf of the security officers who were beaten by the operating officers on the day that Hon.Kyagulanyi was petitioning the UN human rights in Kololo.

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