M7 Orders Crime Preventers for shs 4b Accountability

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has ordered the management of Crime Preventers to avail him with previous accountability of shs 4bn if they still need more financial support from him, Spyreports has exclusively learnt.

Security sources intimated to us that after President Museveni passed out 6000 LDU at UPDF training wing in Kaweweta Mubende, he promised to meet their leadership for another meeting which occurred on Monday at National Institute for Leadership Kyankwazi.

Intelligence sources said Crime Preventers led by their Chairman Blaise Kamugisha met the President and informed him how they will support him in the coming election.

“Your Excellence we as Crime Preventer/LDU are more than ready to support you in the next elections. We shall make sure no violence that will emerge in Uganda especially Kampala,” a source quoted Blaise assuring the President.

Our intelligence source who was part of the meeting said before the end of the meeting, Blaise presented the budget of shs 4bn to the president to strengthen their activates and Sacco.

The credible source told us that President declined to support them claiming they should first avail him with previous accountability.

“Last elections I gave you shs 4bn and I don’t know how that money was spent so I cant add you more money without verifying the last accountability,” another source quoted the President telling crime preventers during the meeting.

The source added that President tasked leadership of the Crime preventers to produce the list of total number. “Last time you told me that you were 10 million crime preventers which was a lie according to my investigations,” added President Museveni.

Blaise asked the president to allow army train more crime preventers because they will be of help in 2021 elections.

Crime preventers were formed by the former Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura and worked with police to reduce crime during 2016 general elections. However after elections the majority were abandoned and turned to be thugs.

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