M7 Orders LDUs Back in Kampala Operations

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who also doubles as the Commander In Chief of Armed forces has again ordered the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen David Muhoozi to redeploy Local Defence Unit Officers in Kampala City and surrounding areas to carry out deadly night operations.

According to insiders in Security, the redeployment of rough LDUS was reached on after well-gathered and researched intelligence show that the rate of criminality in Kampala and surrounding areas especially at night has tripled which has put general security of the Country on tension.

The fresh redeployment was announced by newly appointed UPDF Spokesperson Brig.Gen Flavia Byekwaso via UPDF Face book page today morning. “The level of criminality has increased especially at night. Several local leaders and general public have petitioned to security forces for help,” reads part of Gen Byekwaso letter.

She adds that LDUS shall also participate in intelligence led limited operations on specific targets on request and in full support of Police to curtail criminal activities. “LDUS shall not participate in day time enforcement of covid19 directives outlined by Ministry of health and head of state,” says Gen Byekwaso

Sources inside security say the criminal statistics show that the rate of crime in Kampala has increased without LDU presence especially at night. “City criminals especially in Kampala know how police conducts its night operations so they have beaten their operations which have increased crime in Kampala,” says one of the top security chiefs.

He adds police conducts operations using patrols and they are not enough to beef up security. “Police patrols only operation on high ways and thugs operate in deep areas where police can not reach but LUDS have been making foot patrols and also penetrate deep in areas where criminals hide because they know all their hide outs,” says another UPDF top officer.

He further explained that criminals had targeted this election period to destabilize Kampala and opposition people put the full blame on government.   “You know when criminality increases in the Country, opposition put the blame on government yet it is the responsibility of every citizen to fight crime,” he explains.

However, when we interviewed some of the local residences about the return of LDUS they gave different explanations where some supported while others did not. “Am very happy that LDUS are back criminals had made it a habit to rob people both on foot, vehicle and boda boda along Nsibambi road in Mengo,” says one of the ladies who recently lost her valuables to thugs.

She adds that with LDUS back in action, they hope to have some sanity in the area. “Thugs have been using boda bodas to block people on humps and later rob them clean,” she explains adding that when ever you make alarm for help they would pull out sharp knives and threaten to kill you.

She added that LUDS should also change on their mode of operation where they should stop beating up people. “The challenge with LDUS is that they beat up whoever they find moving at night. They should ask him or her to identify and when they find him with relevant documents then they let him go.

However, another gentle man says government has brought LUDS back to intimidate opposition leaders and voters ahead of 2021 general elections. “When ever there is an election, government creates a situation where criminality is on increase, deploy their officers to harass and intimidate strong opposition leaders.

“Government has feared Bobi wine and has brought back LDUS to scare him from making campaigns and reaching out to his voters,” he says .He added that government will LDUS to help NRM leaders to carry out their campaigns.

He added that ever since LDUS were removed from public, they have not been any murder or robbery in most areas in Kampala. “Government has brought back LDUS to successfully win 2021 elections,” he says.

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