M7 Pardons 79 Prisoners

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who also doubles as Commander In chief of Armed Forces has pardoned a total of 79 prisoners whose hopes of getting out from prison while alive were not there, Spyreports has exclusively learnt.
According to the list of pardoned prisoners which we obtained a copy, most of the prisoners were convicted on capital offences were serving death sentence and life prison sentences.

According to Prison sources, some prisoners could not believe that they were pardoned.
Sources say some had spent over 40 years in jail and had no hopes of seeing light any more while others were seriously sick and were only waiting time to die.
“When we told some prisoners that they were pardoned and were going to see their families, some collapsed because they could not believe that they could be pardoned,” says a Prison boss.

He added that some of the pardoned prisoners were asking the routes to their homes because they had spent over 40 years behind bars and could not trace routes to their homes.
When contacted Baine Frank the Prison PRO he confirmed the information and said 79 prisoners on different offences were pardoned by the President.
Prison boss however says, the President Pardoned prisoners on medical issues.
“We submitted a huge list of Prisoners to be pardoned but the President only chose 79 prisoners who were having medical and health issues,” Says Baine during a telephone interview.

Instrument Of Pardon

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