M7 Summons High Command Over Bobi Wine Protests

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who also doubles as the Commander In Chief of armed Forces (CIC) has summoned the High Command, which is the highest decision making body of the UPDF to discuss the way forward in case Bobi wine supporters continue to protest and making massive rallies during his presidential campaigns Spy reports has learnt.

Intelligence sources close to the President revealed to spyreports last night that President Museveni summoned the high command after his campaigns in Moroto yesterday. Sources say the urgent high command meeting is expected to take place over the weekend at Karamoja state lodge.

Military sources say the meeting is likely to be attended by President Museveni the Commander In Chief, Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen .David Muhoozi, Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwine, Internal Affairs Minister Gen Jeje Odongo, Commander Special Forces Gen James Barungi, Commander Land Forces Lt Gen Peter Elweru, Presidential Advisor on Special Forces Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Presidential Advisor on security affairs Gen Salim Saleh, CMI Boss Gen Abel Kanduho among others.

Insiders in security say, President Museveni summoned high command after Bobi wine supporters protested across the whole world and security forces killed more than 30 people during the running battles and scores were seriously injured.

“The number of people killed by security forces during the battle during demonstration scared the President and supporters of Bobi wine were not ready to stop riots and he had to summon the high command for the next step,” says a high-ranking security chief.

He added that killing people was not a solution to end the riot. “When you kill more than 30 people in just two days and rioters are not ready to cool down, you can not keep killing others because you have solved nothing instead you call a security meeting and discuss the way forward to make sure demonstrations end,” adds another security chiefs.

Another top security chief says as Army and Police keep killing people the population gets angry and at the end a revolution may spark off and the Government goes away. Security sources say during the meeting, a solution to end the killings and protests will be discussed and all parties will be happy.

“The security forces who are killing are Ugandans and the masses who are being killed are also Ugandans so the high command must make sure security forces end killings and the masses stop rioting and the situation goes back to normal,” says another officer adding a win –win situation must be discussed.

Intelligence sources say during the meeting, security will also talk about the massive campaigns of Bobi wine and what should be done in case he is released from Court and he goes back on his trail. “Bobi wine is already a presidential Candidate and after his release, he will continue to campaign and masses will keep coming and we can not continue killing them so security chiefs will find plan B for his masses,” says another Security chief.


Meanwhile we have also been informed that President Museveni has ordered UPDF to take over Kampala operations from Police. In a letter issued by media Center, UPDF shall reinforce postures across the districts of Kampala, Mukono, Wakiso, Entebbe and its environment to enable mobile thrust and outside city.

“UPDF shall respond and react quickly and effectively to any incident of criminality across levels,” reads part of the letter. The letter further says all roads feeding the city shall be jointly manned while outside forces will provide security to all highways to ensure that no individuals or groups disrupt the traffic flow and business.



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