Aceng, Engola

Minister Aceng, Sam Engola Accused of Robbery

The Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Lira District Milton Odongo has petitioned to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni pinning health Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng and state Minister for Housing and Urbanization Hon Sam Engola for having an involvement in night robberies.

In the letter which Lira RDC Milton Odongo wrote to President Museveni on 1st October, he says Minister Aceng and Engola have become serious problems in Lira District and they need to be handled with immediate effect.

“Your Excellence, these so called politicians who have now failed in convincing the voters have now turned against me and the general public in Lira District and they are scaring the life’s of business community in Lira District very much,” reads part of the RDC’S Letter to President Museveni.

The RDC further says the two powerful Ministers have six guns, which they use in robbing the business community. The RDC went ahead and named four people which the two ministers are using to rob people and they include Akasa JB Lucky, Okwir Kampala, Adoko Mike and Okello Adan.

The RDC further informed the President that the Ministers have turned against him because he does not support their dubious deals of robbing people in his community. “Mr. President I pray for your immediate action against Dr Aceng and Sam Engola,” the letter reads in parts.

He adds that he will be happy if action is taken against the Ministers because they are threatening the life of people in Lira District.

However, efforts to get comments from Minister Jane Aceng and Sam Engola were futile as the known mobile phone numbers were switched off by press time.

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