Minister Nabakooba Urges Politicians To Lead As Examples in Fighting Covid 19 as Hospital’s Intensive Care Units are Full to Capacity

The minister of ICT and National Guidance  Hon Judith Nabakooba has asked politicians to lead as examples in fighting Covid 19 as hospital’s intensive Care units are getting full to capacity.

According to the minister, at the beginning of the campaign period, they called upon everyone to be extra vigilant with the guidelines. But it is sad to see people crowding around presidential candidates in total disregard of any preventive guidelines.

“I want to acknowledge those leaders who have come out to insist that everyone attending their events must have a mask. We call upon all candidates to lead by example, do not lead your people to death when you know how they can be kept safe”Nabakooba added.

Nabakooba says it is a sad reality that majority of Ugandans continue to take the preventive guidance lightly yet COVID-19 is a clear and present danger waiting to strike anyone anytime

According to the minister, the country continues to lose people to Covid-19. Some of these are parents, children, relatives, friends, civil servants, members of Parliament and many others.

“In less than six months, the country has lost more than 140 people to this pandemic. Apart from those already gone, hundreds of others continue to fight for their lives every day in the Intensive Care Units. Information from the Ministry of Health is that our Intensive Care Units are actually full to capacity.” she said.

Nabakooba says the public needs to understand that if you became critically ill today, access to the Intensive Care Unit may be difficult. Without the Intensive Care Unit, chances of survival are very few.

“We must therefore drop all the complacence around COVID-19.” she said also she called upon the public to take seriously the guidance that has been given.

Concerning COVID19 deaths and burials, Ministry of Health came out and revised some of the burial restrictions. Family members and the community can now take part in the burial of their loved ones lost to COVID-19. However, this must be conducted basing on the existing guidelines.

The body of the deceased must be wrapped in a waterproof burial bag before handing it over to the relatives. Relatives are not allowed to open the body for viewing or any other cultural practice.

Nabakooba says the families can always use some of the previous photos of the late for memories and that the burial should be conducted on the same day of death and will be supervised by a trained health team available.

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