Minister Orders RDC to Stop Forceful Eviction of An 86 Old Woman

The minister of Lands, Housing and Urban development Beti Olive Namisango Kamya-Turomwe  has ordered the RDC of Wakiso district to stop the forceful eviction of an 86 year old woman from her land located in Namugongo, Wakiso district.

In her letter to the Resident District Commissioner Wakiso district, Kamya asked the RDC to ensure that there should be no eviction of the occupants of the land by agents of Winnie Tugume.

The said land is comprised on block 185 and plot 385 located in Kito Namugongo , Kiira Municipality Wakiso district and is owned by Sendawula Yusufu and Alice Nabitosi.

Kamya says she received a petition from Ms Kikomeko, Kayira & Advocates on behalf of their clients Mr Sendawula Yusufu and Nabitosi Alice about the threats of eviction and violence perpetrated by the agents of a one Winnie Tugume.

“The above dispute has been ongoing for some time. However, records show that Semakula and Nabitosi were declared lawful and bonafide bibanja holders by the High Court. The Purpose of this letter is to request your office to ensure that no eviction or demolition and harassment of the occupants of the above land is carried out”. read Kamya’s letter dated 12th November


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