Ministry of Health Issues New COVID19 Testing Guidelines for Travelers

The Ministry of Health Uganda has directed that all individuals intending to travel out of the country must have COVID19 certificates that indicate travel as purpose of the test.

According to the ministry, some travelers have been going to Government testing centres claiming that they are contacts to previously confirmed cases hence tested for free, yet the actual purpose of the test was for travel.

“All tests for ‘contacts’ and ‘alerts’ will henceforth be labelled accordingly on their certificates.” Read part of the ministry’s statement adding that contacts and alerts will not be allowed to fly even if they are negative for COVID-19.

According to the new guidelines, all intending travelers are now required to pay Shs 180,000 at any Stanbic Bank branch under the Ministry’s account name.

“All intending travelers who would like to test at, Government facilities are required to pay UGX 180,000 (One hundred and eighty thousand shillings only) at any Stanbic Bank under the following Account Details. ACCOUNT NAME: MOH COVID-l9 TESTING FUNDS ACCOUNT NUMBER: 90300 17 657 983,”

“A copy of a valid- payment slip should be taken to the accredited Government sample collection sites for your sample to be removed and will be sent to the accredited laboratories for analysis and testing. Results of the test will be given within 24 – 48 hours. However, ‘individuals who wish to test at any of the accredited private laboratories can do so. “

The ministry further notes that all travelers are required to have a negative certificate taken within COVID- 19 120 hours before departure and NOT within 72 hours as has been the case.” Please note that the 120 hours begin on the day the sample is collected for testing.” it added.


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