MP Fungaroo Survives Lynching by Angry Nrm Youth


Police in West Nile last night rescued Hon Fangaroo from angry Nrm supporters that had organized to Lynch him in the night accussing him of bribing voters in Aliba sub county.

According to reports by police spokesperson West Nile SP Angucia Josephine, at around 11:45 Pm the community arrested Hon Fangaroo who is standing on FDC ticket alleging that he was bribing voters at night in Aliba Sub county.

“The youth gathered around him, put him down and attempted to injure him around the eye” Josephine said in a report.

She added that the police was tipped off and they rushed to the scene to rescue him from the angry mob.

Josephine further reported that after rescuing him, Fangaroo was asked what he was doing at Aliba sub county at curfew time, and was then charged with an offence of Neglect act likely to spread infectious disease , covid19 under the section 171 of the Penal Code Act . He was later issued a police bond to go for treatment.

” it is alleged that later in the night the honorable mobilised his supporters to attack shops belonging to NRM supporters and police station as well as the barracks while claiming he was beaten by NRM supporters ” Josephine added.

However the DPC of Obongi commanded a team of officers to disperse them.

Josephine urged the public that as we are heading towards end of campaigns, there is a lot of political pressure to win more votes, therefore this pressure should not force candidates and their supporters to take desperate moves of breaking electoral laws, guidelines, and SOPs on Covid19.

She however condemned the act of mob justice calling it a criminal act and advised the people to report incidences for proper management.

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