Museveni Calls Upon Unity Rather than Sectarianism

President Yoweri Museveni who is also the NRM presidential flag bearer has cautioned party leaders in Mbale to embrace unity and service delivery rather than divisionism along tribal and religious differences.

He assured the people of Mbale that this same principle was used to form the NRA and the NRM in the bush.  “It didn’t matter which tribe you belonged to. Whether you were a man or woman, as long as you were a skilled fighter, we would recruit you.” He said

“We started from a bad situation of a failed country but the NRM has now brought unity,  built a strong army,  and revived the economy. All these combined, are pushing Uganda forward.” Museveni added.

The NRM presidential candidate raised the concern during his campaign meeting with NRM party leaders  from Mbale, Bududa, Manafwa, Namisindwa, at Mbale S.S playgrounds.

“The road of the NRM is to concentrate on interest and not identity. Right now we are fighting the pandemic which is affecting everyone. There is no corona which is for Bagisu or Bagwere. So our focus is to stop its spread and find the cure, which is in everybody’s interest.” He further cautioned them.

Museveni also assured the people of Mbale that NRM is the only party that has been able to deal with the historical problems of Uganda and Africa to a large extent.

“NRM gave you power to elect leaders who will work with the President to run the country. So vote wisely.”he further said.

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