Museveni Not to Hold Mass Campaign Rallies Due to COVID19

Presidential candidate for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party  Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has said he will not hold mass rallies or processions in the campaigns for the 2021 general elections due to COVID19.

Museveni said this on his second day of campaigns in Lango sub region,  where he Interacted with NRM party leaders in Apac District.

“We decided not to conduct mass rallies nor hold processions in these campaigns because it would put the public at risk in light of the raging Covid-19 pandemic. Our strategy is that I hold meetings with a few leaders who thereafter, together with other party supporters, undertake a house-to-house vote-hunt. We must avoid large gatherings and protect our people.” He said.

NRM party Leaders in Apac during their meeting with Museveni during his campaigns in Lango. Courtesy photo.

While speaking to the NRM leaders in Lango, Museveni put emphasis on improving the agricultural and economic status in their area.

“On issues of Lango, we are going to increase the cattle compensation budget to Shs50 billion per sub-region (plus Acholi and Teso) so that we settle this matter once and for all.” he said.

He also asked the people of Lango to use the operation wealth creation opportunity to shift  from subsistence farming to commercial farming so as to improve their household income.

“I remind you about the need to shift from subsistence farming to commercial farming so as to improve your household income, and fight poverty. Operation Wealth Creation has given and will continue to give farmers inputs to help in this drive.” Musevei said.

NRM supporters cheer on Museveni during his campaigns in Lango. Courtesy photo

He further cited Lira City and the other eight districts in the sub-region to have fairly good infrastructure and promised to upgrade it.

“We are going to rehabilitate the Lira-Kamdini Road, reworking its base.The Government is also set to upgrade the Rwenkunye-Apac-Lira-Puranga-Acholibur Road, the length of 191 km.” he said adding the besides the now functional MV Kyoga-2 Ferry, the government will add the Zengebe-Namasale Ferry, while the Acwa Bridge has been completed.

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