Museveni Orders Security Agencies To Provide Detailed Report on Rampant Arrests


President Museveni who also doubles as commander in chief of the armed forces has ordered security agencies to provide a detailed report on the on going arrests and kidnaps of ugandans.

Museveni gave orders yesterday while addressing the nation on security situation after Ugandans made alarms over the whereabouts of family members,relatives and friends.

Judith Nabakooba the Minister of ICT and national guidance said that the president wants a report from security agencies in a shortest period of time to allow him time to analyze it and make his final decision.

“His Excellency President Yoweri Museveni has now instructed the Police and all other agencies to provide a detailed update about all those who were arrested.” She said.

Nabaakoba note that this update will enable the country to get a detailed account of who was arrested and for what reason.

The minister said that prior to the period leading to the just concluded elections, security forces carried out a number of arrests.

She added that this followed intelligence reports about planned activities that were going to cause chaos during and after the elections.

Nabakooba further said that the report  given by security agencies will also put to rest some of the rumors and fake news that had started to emerge regarding some of the arrested individuals.

“I would like to assure the public that all the arrested persons have been kept well with dignity.” Museveni said while addressing the country on security matters last night.

The president further said that the government of Uganda does not support the torture or any form of violence against anyone.

“I call upon members of the public to disregard any information that suggests arrested people were tortured.” Museveni said.

He added that the security officials who use torture against suspects are against the law and are liable to individual prosecution.

His Excellency was clear that in situations where security officers went beyond and committed excesses like torture of suspects, they will be dealt with.

“I therefore call upon members of the public to remain calm and allow the police to provide its detailed report.” The president said.

He asserted that once the report is done, the relatives of those arrested will be able to access those being held.

“For those with cases to answer, they will be produced in the courts of law for justice to be done.” He added.

Nabaakoba called upon all members of the public especially the youth to urgently embrace the available wealth creation opportunities.

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