Museveni Promises to Make Luweero a Model Zone for Wealth Creation in Uganda

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Presidential flag bearer Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has promised to make Luweero district a model zone for wealth creation in Uganda.

He made these promises during his very first campaign for the 2021 general elections which he began today in Luweero a place where he started the guerrilla war that drove him and his National Resistance Movement into power in 1986.

“I want to make Luweero district a model zone in Uganda as far as creating wealth is concerned. I will establish a barracks in every Saza (county) to ensure the implementation of the exercise,” he said.

Museveni promised shs. 560 million to the people of Luweero for their Emyooga Fund, an initiative he created on wealth and job creation for Ugandans.

“Eighteen (18) different activities are already being organized in every parish. Each Myooga will get Shs. 30 million at constituency level while one of the elected leaders will get Shs 50 million. In total, each constituency will get Shs 560 million.” he said.

Museveni also promised that the NRM government will increase the Land Fund to buy off Mailo Landowners who are willing to sell land to the government and allocate the land to the Bibanja owners in Luweero.

Concerning Electricity outreach, Museveni notes that Uganda needs more electricity today as the resource is a strategic input especially in the manufacturing sector that will provide employment to the country’s growing population. A total of 15 sub country headquarters have been so far electrified in Luweero district.


Health wise, Museveni assured the people of Luweero that Ministry of Health embarked on distributing long-lasting insecticide-treated nets to reduce the prevalence of malaria. He notes that also indoor residual spraying, larviciding, mass intermittent malaria treatment have been put in place to eliminate malaria in Luweero.


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