Museveni Scraps Off Age Limit for Local Council, City Division Chairpersons

President Museveni has scrapped off age limit for aspiring candidates for the position of chairperson at Subcounty, Municipality, City Division, Town councils and Municipal Division.

The minister of ICT and national guidance Judith Nabakooba says government has agreed and amended the local government Act that had set an age limit to the above positions.

“Prior to this amendment, any aspiring candidate had to be 30 years and above and not exceeding 75. President Yoweri Museveni has agreed and signed
off the amendment that abolishes the above restrictions.” She said.

Nabakooba says starting with this ongoing electoral process, any aspiring candidate
for the position of chairperson at local government level must only
be 18years and above.

According to the minister, prior to this adjustment, there had been complaints from some candidates who wanted to contest as chairpersons at different local government positions.

“A number of candidates had gone ahead to present themselves for leadership thinking that the 2017 presidential and LC5 amendment
had applied to these positions as wellNow that these restrictions, no longer exist, I want to call upon all individuals who qualify to go ahead with their plans.”she said.

“You are encouraged to go ahead and utilize the remaining time to
comply with the nomination exercise.” She added.

Before this announcement, the Electoral Commission had already
agreed to extend the nomination exercise from the 2nd October to
the 5th October which is tomorrow.

“I therefore call upon all those aspiring for these positions to utilize
the time left properly. All those aspirants going for nomination are reminded to obey the standard operating procedures on COVID-19.” She noted

Nabakooba further cautioned school proprietors to respect the SOPs when schools resume operation for the candidate classes on october 15th as per the Ministry of Education guidelines.

“The Ministry has given a number of Standard Operating Procedures
that meant to keep our children safe from COVID-19. It is important that the parents and teachers follow these guidelines
properly.” She said.

Nabakooba adds that he Ministry of Education will continue updating the schools and parents regarding what we have to do.

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