Nigerian Human Rights lawyer Drags UPDF, Police to United Nations over Bobiwine’s Illigal Confinement


A Nigerian Human Rights lawyer has dragged Uganda people’s defense force UPDF and Uganda police force to United Nations working group on Arbitrary arrest over the illigal confinement of Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobiwine from his home.

Bobiwine and his wife Babie Itungo Kyagulanyi were put under house arrest by the Ugandan security forces immidiately after casting their votes and it’s now a week ever since security took possession of their house.

Femi Falana a Nigerian based Human Rights lawyer has dragged UPDF and police on behalf of Bobiwine to the UN working Group on Arbitrary arrest to ensure that he Bobiwine and his wife regain freedom of their home and even themselves.

“Nigerian Human Rights lawyer Femi Falana has filed this complaint on my behalf to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary arrest,”Bobiwine posted on his Twitter account.

Bobiwine added that they are challenging the illegal confinement by the Ugandan police and the military.

Yesterday Uganda police force mouth piece Fred Enanga said that Bobiwine will have first to denounce his demonstration plans before security can think of leaving his home adding security is working on their intelligence information which indicate that if Bobiwine is left free, he will cause havoc in the country.

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