Eddie Mutwu and Nubian LI

Nubian LI, Eddie Mutwe and 43  other NUP members charged with Unlawful Possession of Ammunition


A total of 43 National unity platform NUP members have today been charged with unlawful possession of four rounds of ammunition of AK47 before army Gen court Martial.

According to the charged sheet ref UPDF/GCM/001/2021, 43 members who include Buken Ali alias Nubian Li, Edward Sebuwufu aka Eddie Mutwe, Ntenge William aka Kyuma Kyayesu, Ssemakula Hassa aka Abdu Soldier, Murusha Bashir,Nansove Saphina,ReachelAkikiTusiime and others on/or around the 3rd day of Jan 2021 while at Makerere Kavule, Kiggundu Zone kawempe division in kamapala district, were found in un lawful possession of four rounds of amminitions of AK47, the said ammunition being a monopoly of the defense forces.

The charged NUP members were transferred from Masaka prison where they had been remanded few days ago by the Masaka court on charges of inciting violence and a neglect act likely to spread an infectious disease.

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