opposition leaders at africana

Opposition Leaders Hold Crisis Meeting at Hotel African Ahead of Thursday Elections



Opposition party leaders have today morning hold a closed meeting at hotel Africana ahead of Thursday polling day.

Our spy reported that while in the meeting the leader’s discussed how to work as a team to defend their votes so as to win president Museveni.

“we are working together and will communicate with our agents to collaborate a vote protection. Thursday is critical. we believe there can be a change through an electoral process.” said Muntu

He added that they are planning to have a meeting the EC to talk about the number of pronouncements they are coming up with that are not with the law.

It was also reported that the opposition leaders also discussed plan B and plan C incase the president in power does not concede defeat after the results shows that he been defeated.

In attendance were, Partric Amuriat of FDC, Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka BobWine of NUP, Kizza Besigye former Fdc president and ANT presidential candidate Mugisha Greggory Muntu.


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