Panic As Mukulu Disappears With Submachine Gun, 60 Bullets

Police in Mukono is hunting for one of their own officers for disappearing with a police SGM riffle loaded with 60 rounds of ammunition.

The suspect has been Identified as No.62603 PC Mukulu Abed believed to have been deployed in Kasese district but stole a gun in Mukono district.

It is alleged that on 04/12/2018 No. 62603 PC Mukulu Abed who formerly worked at Mbalala police station in 2016 under FFU unit went to the Station and interacted with No.19021 Sgt Jeniffer Nabirye and others at the station and thereafter left.

On the 05/12/2018 Mukulu came back to the station claiming to have been transferred to Mbalala station deceiving No.43620 Cpl Christine Nalumbugu because he did not have message or marching order to that effect.

In the evening Mukulu went to the stations major that he wished to sign for a rifle and was ready for duty.
The Major took Mukulu to the armory man and introduced him as a newly transferred staff and instructed armory man one OCILA Solomon to arm him.

It is reported that Mukulu had ever worked with both Sgt Nabirye Jenifer and Cpl Nalumbugu Christine at Mbalala police station in 2016 before being transferred to Kasese in 2016.

It is indicated that at around 9PM No 52437 PC Ocila Solomon armed Mukulu with rifle no. 11110- 56300956 with 60 rounds of ammunition.

When time for patrols reached around mid – night as per their arrangement, PC Mukulu was nowhere to be seen as he had disappeared with the rifle up to today.

Four officers have since been arrested and are in Mukono Police custody to help in investigations.

The suspects include ASP Wamono Rodgers, No.19029 Sgt Nabirye Jenifer, No.43620 Cpl Nalumbugu Christine, and No.52437 PC Ocila Solomon.

Mukono district police commander Rogers Seguya says investigations are ongoing to trace for the remaining suspect and recover the exhibit (rifle).

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