Jane Kibirge

Parliament Orders Defeated MPS To Return IPADS


The Parliament of Uganda has ordered all the Members of Parliament who lost 2021 elections to return the IPADS they have been using to do their work during the 10th Parliament.

Clerk to Parliament Jane Kibirigye issued an order to all lost MPS  to return the  IPADS by 30th April according the letter.

“All IPADS remain the property of Government of Uganda,” reads part of the Kibirigye’s letter. She added that MPS should return them before end of April.

She says the parliamentary commission through the contracts committee has approved the disposal of the IPads by sale to the current users asserting that this decision was informed by the fact that these IPads have since become part and parcel of the current holders and carry their MPs’ personal data.

She says that the amount corresponding to the Ipad they hold shall be deducted from their emolument of May 2021 to recover the cost of the IPad in their possession.

According to the letter, the deductions will be between 500,000 and 700,000.

She says those who do not want to retain them can return the Ipads before April

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