Police Boss’ Son Sentenced to Six Months Over Impersonation

LDC Court in wandegeya has convicted and sentenced a son of a police officer to six months in prison after finding him guilty for the offense of impersonation.

Walter Mumbere a son to inspector of police (IP) Luben Ngasiki pleaded guilty of impersonation and being in possession of Government stores at LDC court and accepted that he was found putting on father’s uniforms. Court sentenced him to six months and was sent to kitalya prison.

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Our sources at wandegeya police told us that Walter accepted to having put on his father’s uniforms and started singing songs while praising the leader of National unit Platform NUP Hon Kyagulani Ssentamu aka Bobi wine and his pressure group identified as people power.

“The boy accepted his offense and  asked for forgiveness saying that he was drunk a reason he started singing songs praising Bobi wine and his people power,” says our sources. He added that probably if the boy was not singing people power songs, may be we would have pardoned him.

Our source added that the directive to charge the officer’s son was from our bosses and therefore we couldn’t do anything beyond our bosses.

Our source also revealed to us how another directive came from top police bosses that their colleague IP Luben Ngasiki should be charged in police’s disciplinary court and we have already started trying him but he denied the charges of negligence on his uniforms.

“I keep my uniforms inside the house where I stay with my son and I had gone for duty not knowing that my son can do such mistake,” our spy quoted IP Luben telling disciplinary court members.

Our spy said that, wandegeya disciplinary court is yet to deliver its ruling against the officer. However most of the police officers are against punishing their colleagues for negligence saying that, since criminal court has already convicted the son, disciplinary court should acquit the father.

Our spies also told us that IP Luben Ngasiki is battling with other charges against him from statehouse anti corruption unit headed by LT Col Edith Nakalema where he was taken to court and given a bail where he is fighting hard to finish the court cases.

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