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Police Bosses Clash Over the Raid on Vice President’s Hotel

Serious war has erupted among the top police bosses from Kampala Metropolitan police head by CP Moses Kafeero and those from the Directorate of operations led AIGP Edward Ochom over the raid of Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi’s hotel Spy Reports has exclusively established.

Police over the weekend commanded by SSP Ashraf Chemonges who also heads the alert squad raided Front Page hotel in Zzana along Entebbe road and arrested over 90 guests who included Buganda Prince and Catholic nuns for violating Presidential directives  and Ministry of Health Covid19 guidelines.

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After the raid, the hotel management accused Chemonges and his team of stealing hotel equipment that included audio and visual recordings and customers’ money plus breaking hotel properties such as entrance doors, beds, chairs among others.

Police sources say when the news of raiding Vice President’s hotel went viral and the public blamed what police did to the guests, officials from KMP have started accusing Chemonges and his team for not following operation standard orders of Kampala Metropolitan police.

“Chemonges is not operations Commander for KMP how could he carry out any operation in our area without informing the Commander, Deputy Commander or RPC where he conducted his operation. He went and stole hotel properties and now KMP police is blamed for the mess,” says a senior police officer attached to KMP.

Another senior detective from KMP says police officers from Naguru have turned it into habit to conduct silent operations in KMP without informing the management of KMP and when it back fires KMP takes the blame.

“KMP is an independent territory with its known structure headed by KMP Commander Moses Kafeero and the structure is very clear. No body should conduct any operation without informing the Commander, his Deputy or RPCS,” Says another senior Commander attached to KMP.

The officer says in August Rashid Ageero the former commander for Field Force Unit (FFU) carried out a silent operation where he raided Ndeeba Church and put it down without informing KMP Commander of such deadly act and in the morning KMP Police was put to explain.

Another officer says that Operation Directorate has always undermined the performance of KMP yet they have forgotten that KMP is directly responsible for its messes and achievements. “Every Director of operations that comes in tries to undermine the performance and operations of KMP yet without KMP, Directorate of operations is dead,” another senior police officer says.

However, when we talked to some police officers attached from Naguru under directorate of operations why their officers carry out operations without involving KMP, they said KMP is trying to fail the job of Director Operations yet he is their boss.

“You see KMP is directly under the command and control of Director Operations and they are supposed to update him of any operation they intend to carry out in Kampala such that he can also brief the IGP or Deputy,” says a high-ranking police officer attached to Naguru.

The officer adds that some KMP bosses during this Covid19 war received bribes from hotel and bar owners and have been operating yet the Presidential directive was clear that bars were closed.

“We have made our research and found out that most hotels and bars in Kampala have never closed ever since the out break of Covid19 in March because they paid bribe to police bosses with in KMP yet the law was clear on hotels and bars,” says another officer.

He says Directorate of operations resolved to conduct its own operations in KMP to discover bars and hotels that have been operating illegally because they bribed KMP Bosses. “We shall always name and shame the hotels and bars that operate illegally in KMP,” adds another police officer from Naguru saying that very soon they will start naming and shaming police officers who back up bars and hotels to operate illegally because they have their list.

The officer says the alert squad headed by Chemonges was formed by IGP and gives him powers to conduct any operation across the Country without informing the seating boss. “The alert squad was formed to check the performance of other police officers in their territory and when we inform them we can not know if they perform well or not,” says another officer.

However, this is not the first time commanders from KMP clash with those from Directorate of operations. Late IGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi while still commanding KMP clashed with retired AIGP Grace Turyagumanawe who was Director Operations.

Late Kaweesi accused Turyagumanawe of conducting operations in Kampala Metropolitan without briefing the Commander. Their issues escalated and were handled by former Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura who ordered that KMP should be independent from Directorate of Operations.



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