Police Chief Arrested Over Leaking Photos Of Court Judges In Private Meeting In State House

Police is holding one of it’s officers on allegations of leaking photos of Court judges in a secret meeting with president Museveni at State House Entebbe.

The arrested officer has been identified as Andiyandu John attached to ICT department at Entebbe police station.

According to our spies at Entebbe, Andiyandu was deployed two weeks ago in camera room and it’s alleged that he focused all the cameras at Entebbe State House where he started taking pics of judges entering State House, having a meeting with the head of state and other interactions they did until they left.

Our spies added that after taking all the pics, Andiyandu posted them on his Facebook account showing how judges held a secret meeting with the president.

Our security sources revealed that Andiyandu’s posts had a negative implications among the public indicating that, judges had gone to secretly meet the president to forge a way forward in respect to the petition that was filed by Nup President Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobiwine in supreme Court.

Andiyandu was arrested few days ago and detained at railway police station first, later removed and taken to professional standards unit PSU in bukoto and from there he was taken to CID headquarters in kibuli where he was charged with computer misuse.

Our sources at Entebbe police station told us that it’s known by everyone that the arrested officer has been a strong supporter of Robert Kyagulanyi adding that, he could have posted the pics with the intention to tarnish the name of the judiciary and specific judges.

Judiciary Denies having a private Meeting with the President

Judiciary has come out and denied having a private meeting with the president.

In their letter dated February 21,2021 under the headline Judiciary leaders never met the president secretly, they say that they have never met the president secretly as it’s being alleged in a section of Media.

Judiciary adds that , it’s a public knowledge that judiciary’s top administration was at State House Entebbe on February 10,2021 for the swearing in ceremony of the Hon. Lady Justice Margaret Apiny, a newly appointed judge of the high Court.

“It’s a requirement of the law in schedule to the Oath act(section 2 and 3rd column) for such a judicial Oath to be taken before the president or any other person authorized by the president,” reads part of the judiciary letter.

Judiciary adds that on that very day, it was an official ceremony with the full glare of Media coverage adding that there was nothing secret about it.

Judiciary also noted that on Feb 16,2021 the chief justice Owiny-Dollo attended the Janani Luwum day celebrations at State House Entebbe at the invitation of the Archbishop of the church of Uganda and this too was not in secret.

Our spies within security have told us how they are investigating other officers in connection with Andiyandu to establish their political motives.

“Where a police officer uses CCTV footages and especially on high profile people in government and he posts those footages on his personal accounts, know that there is too much behind his thinking and as police officer, it’s worth and that’s why we have taken keen interest in this case,” says one of the investigating spies.

Our spies added that the officer will be taken to court after all the investigations are done.

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