Police Foils Robbery at Barclay’s Bank Nakalubye Branch

Old Kampala police Detectives this morning foiled   robbery which was taking place at Barclays bank Nakulabye branch when robbers escaped inside the bank after hearing police vehicles coming and took off before officers could reach at the bank offices.

According to our sources robbers entered inside the bank in the wee hours of the morning but police got information early enough after they had entered inside the bank and rushed quickly at the bank offices but the robbers heard police vehicles coming and escaped before the officers could reach.

“By the time we arrived at the bank, robbers had just taken off and we found all the bank’s doors open but inside was closed,” said one of the detectives who went at the scene.

According to police officers who reached the scene, robbers tried to break the inside doors leading to bank’s  safes but failed adding that as they were trying other means, the  robbers who had remained outside alerted those inside the bank that police vehicles are coming and they got out from the bank and took off.

Police now has started investigations to establish who the robbers were and who was behind the move.

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