Police Issues New Orders Over Curfew, Covid 19 Regulations



The police chief Okoth Ochola has directed all police commanders to resume and intensify serious operations against those covid19 regulations and curfew operations.

In a police message dated 22/02)2021 and copied to all Directors ,commander KMP, all RPCs, DPCs, all specialized units and all heads of department and seen by spyreports, under the headline
Ref: ADM/99/175/01(.) Implementation of Covid 19 Regulations are still in force , the police Chief notes that covid regulations have been relaxed.

“As you are all aware the curfew and the covid-19 regulations are still In force, however it has been observed that the boda boda riders are no longer observing curfew time and they are seen ridding throughout the night equally the m/vehicles are not observing curfew time of 2100hrs and are seen at all times of the night.”Ochola said.

He revealed that bars have not been allowed to operate but information reaching police is that some of these bars and disco teques are alleged to be protected by security personnel while in operation.

Ochola noted that these continued activities have enabled crimes to escalate, “there are increased cases of domestic violence, murders and robberies yet this is the time when crimes should be going down as we still have support of other security agencies and spcs.” He said.

The police chief instructed all the police staff to immediately implement the Covid19 regulation that were put by the president and the Ministry of Health which have been violated by the security people.

“You are instructed to immediately implement the covid-19 regulations, have snap checks to regulate movements during curfew times and intensity foot and motorized patrols”. Ochola ordered.

He further noted that alert squads will be sent out and any officer who will not comply will have actions taken against them.


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