Police Officer Arrested in Ndeeba Church Demolition, Escapes From Custody

Police and its sister security agencies have started a serious hunt for a police officer who was recently arrested with his colleagues  for demolishing Ndeeba Church after information leaked that he escaped from police custody.

The officer who is wanted dead or alive has been identified as ASP Isabirye Kaloli the commander of Filed Force Unit (FFU) Kampala Metropolitan South.

On Monday morning, police arrested three police officers and eleven others for having participated in the demolition of Ndebba Church on Sunday night. Police officers were detained at Railway police the facility that is gazetted to detain senior police officers.

However, our reliable Sources from Police revealed to us that ASP Kaloli escaped from Railway police custody on Wednesday night.  “This officer tricked his juniors that he was receiving a private call so he needed some privacy for just a short time,” says one of the officers attached at Railway Police station.

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He added that police guards trusted his words and allowed him to move some distance to receive his private call. “The police guards waited for over 30 minutes and the officer was not coming back,” adds another police source that was also on duty.

He added that when one of the guards went to check on him, he could not be traced. “The guard called his fellow guards and moved all over the premises searching for him but could not see him. They even moved some kilometres hunting for him but in vain,” says another police officer.

He added that they came back and reported to boss who was on night duty about the escape of the senior officer. “The guards after reporting to their boss even went and searched his home but could not find him,” says other female police officer.

When contacted Spokesperson from Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) ASP Charles Twiine for a comment, he could not deny neither did he accept? “Just give me some few minutes I will get back to you,” he said as he hung up his phone. However, by press time he had not called back.

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