Police Officers Arrested Over Siphoning Fuel from an Accident Trailer

Police has arrested and charged five of its officers after they were filmed siphoning fuel from one of the vehicle that had got an accident alongside the road side.

Their arrest came after the video showing them siphoning fuel from the car that had just been involved in an accident went viral.

The officers  have been  indentified as ,  No 31093 Sgt Okello Brian Sadik, No 56398 Cpl Dragudu Ceaser, No 37359 PC Oven Albert, No 50449 PC Ocen Christopher, and No 52819 PC Adoro Anthony

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga told us that the officers have been arrested and charged with discreditable conduct.

“We arrested these officers, charged them with discreditable conduct and they will be appearing before our police’s disciplinary court for trials,” says Enanga.

Enanga added that these are some of the errant officers that tarnish the name of the institution in the public adding that the force is determined to get rid of such officers.

The video of the officers siphoning fuel after going viral brought mixed reactions and comments from the public portraying the image of the force as lacking fuel for the police’s vehicles while carrying out institution’s operations.

However Enanga dismissed the mixed reactions tarnishing the name and image of the institution saying that it was the personal  officer’s actions  and that’s why they are being charged individually.

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