Police Raids Aya Hotel, Arrests Dozens Over Flaunting COVID 19 Guidelines

Police over the weekend raided Aya hotel opposite Nakareso state lodge and arrested   over 200 revelers over flaunting COVID 19 guidelines and drinking past curfew hours.

According to our spies, the raid came after security got intelligence that the Nakasero based hotel has been hosting night parties, making people drink all the night something that contravenes ministry of health guidelines against COVID 19 and a presidential directive.

“It’s a shameful act to find a hotel near the home of the president making night parties, allowing people in that big numbers  to dance without even knowing the dangers of the pandemic the country is fighting against,” says our spy who was part of the operation.

Our spy also told us that when police officers entered inside at midnight, they found people were enjoying silent music, drinking a big numbers without knowing that a pandemic is serious.

“Can you imagine, we entered inside the hotel at midnight but we found the whole place is like a club with over 200 drunkards dancing with silent music and doing any sorts of enjoyments as if we are in our normal days,” adds another source part of the operation.

Our spy added that police also confiscated all the music equipment, arrested the hotels workers and later closed the whole place.

Our spies also said that after arresting the drunkards and confiscating the music equipment, the Aya Hotel management started intimidating security officers of how they are going to lose their jobs and be arrested for shaming the hotel guests.

“We can’t be intimidated by the hotel owners and management because we arrested them flaunting covid19 guidelines and disobeying a presidential directive of drinking in bars past curfew hours,” says one of the officers at CPS Kampala.


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