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President Nkurunziza Commissions Multibillion Facilities in Bujumbura

As part of the celebrations for the achievements of the country’s 56th independence anniversary, Burundian president H.E Pierre Nkurunziza over the weekend commissioned multi billion facilities across the country.

Burundi got her independence on July 1, 1962 and as part of this year’s celebrations, a number of projects and infrastructures have been constructed across the country to mark the fifty sixth anniversary.

President Nkurunziza on Saturday started with Kigobe in Ntahangwa district where he commissioned infrastructures under Burundi Backbone System specializing in the design, construction and technical exploitation and marketing.

After a guided tour in various administrative offices and other technical facilities, the Director General of Burundi Backbone System Mr. Elie Ntihangowumwe informed the president that the building was constructed at a tune of more than eight hundred million Burundian francs.

After the Bujumbura City Council, the president also inaugurated the Mutimbuzi Municipal Office of Bujumbura Province, a two-storey building built in the Maramvya zone.

The facility will house other offices of the various municipal services and cost more than 350 million Burundian francs, including 151 million from FONIC.

In the same area, Nkurunziza also commissioned fifty houses built for women veterans and other vulnerable in the village.

He ended his tour in Gasenyi hill in the Rubirizi zone Mutimbuzi municipality where he inaugurated 9 classrooms of ECOFO Gasenyi.

The infrastructures were built by area local government, with the support from the office of the president.
The facility belongs to women’s association for leadership through education excellence (MICA).

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