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Ruhinda County MP Aspirant Drags EC, Health Ministry to Court, Demands EC to Suspend Entire Electoral Process

Kahemba Babi Sperato, the Ruhinda County MP aspiring candidate has threatened to drag the Attorney General, Chairperson Electoral Commission  and Minister of Health to courts of law for failing to curb the spread of corona virus  in the country.

In a notice of intention to sue letter dated 17th November 2020 under reference KBS/01/17/11/2020, Kahemba says that in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, the Government, through the Ministry of Health, passed several rules and regulations in a bid to curb the spread of the Corona virus.

Among the measures the government brought included, the imposition of curfew and a ban on public meetings including political rallies, conferences and cultural related meetings.

Kahemba adds that subsequently, the Government eased the restrictions albeit maintaining some in place.

He adds that among the measures government maintained include wearing a face mask whilst in public and observing social distancing.

The Ruhinda MP aspirant says that the Electoral Commission also pledged to conduct the first “Scientific elections” in Uganda and informed the public that the election campaigns would be conducted through electronic media.

He however says that, it is regrettable that the numbers of confirmed cases and deaths as a result of COVID19 have steadily increased from the 98 and 0 as at the 5th day of May, 2020 (the date set for lifting the bans and/or restrictions, under Rule 2(1 ) (a) of the Public Health (Control of COVID – 19) (Amendment) Rules, 2020) to a staggering 11 ,767 and 106 respectively as at the 17th day of November, 2020.

Kahemba adds that the increase in the number of cases has been largely due to the ongoing political activities in the country which includes the recently concluded NRM Primary elections and the ongoing presidential election campaigns which have highlighted the politicians’ and public’s great Utter disregard to the measures put in place to curtail the spread of the Corona virus.

He says on several occasions, large masses of people have been seen holding public processions, without wearing face masks, washing their hands nor observing social distancing which has greatly put the right to health and the right to life in jeopardy.

The Ruhindi country aspirant accuses government and the electoral commission to have let these activities proceed unheeded and in such a manner. They have failed to ensure compliance to the COVID19 guidelines and conducting the electoral process in a scientific manner.

He therefore says in a bid to preserve general public health, protect the right to good health and the right to life, he demands that the Ministry of Health reinstates restrictions on the public gatherings and meetings; and the Electoral commission suspends the entire electoral process until the such a time as would be safe for the masses to gather and associate normally.

The Ruhinda country aspirant warns government that failure to take heed to these demands within seven (7) calendar days from the date of writing this letter shall compel him to take legal action in the courts of law.