Rwanda Imposes Another Partial Lockdown Due to High Increase in Number of Covid19 Cases


The office of the prime minister of Rwanda has today issued guidelines to follow in the lockdown due to high scourge of the world pandemic.

In the report seen by spy reports, Rwanda prime minister Dr. Edouard Ngirente said that a cabinet meeting  sat on 4th Jan 2021 at Urigwiro village and came up with a resolution to impose another lockdown due high cases of covid19 in the country.

In the report seen by spy reports, all movements are prohibited from 8pm to 4am, All business establishments including restaurants, shops, markets and malls should close by 6pm.
” Public and private transport to and from Kigali are prohibited as well as to other districts. Travels will only be allowed for medical reasons and essential services. Vehicles transporting goods and services will continue operating with not more than two people on board” Read part of the report.

Ngirente also wrote that domestic and international tourists may travel across districts with a must have negative covid19 results.
He also added that funerals should not exceed 30 persons and all social gatherings including religious weddings, ceremonies are prohibited.

In the same report the Prime minister cautioned that the lockdown immediately starts today Tuesday and will be reviewed after fifteen days.

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