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Rwomushana to Bobi Wine Fans: Was Abiriga brains and shattered skull entertainment for you

Former head of political intelligence at State House Charles Rwomushana has cautioned Ugandans seeking to become the face of people power to overthrown president Museveni by using violence to come prepared.

Rwomushana also former director Economics and Research at Internal Security Organization (ISO) says that using violence against Museveni regime is stupidity and that Liberation Organization cannot survive on the mercy and good will of the head of state they seek to overthrow, capture and kill.

He adds that violence is not a musical festival adding that rules of morality don’t apply in the wrestling involving the contestation of State power.

Read Rwomushana’s submission
Yesterday on Gasimbagane radio Simba, I told Peter Kibazo I was going to swim against this post Arua episode. ..
Rules of morality don’t apply in the wrestling involving the contestation of State power. ..
You go for it to kill and if you miss. ..You are dead. ..
Brig Nabasa knows the importance of Museveni as the centre of gravity of the NRA and indeed Museveni balancing politics is right to thank God SFC lacking in anti-riot gear like tear gas did not return fire. ..
Those who think Kyagulanyi is the epicenter of the Liberation of Uganda should have constructed a protection unit to secure him. ..And or if he was electing himself as such, that should have been a priority. ..
It’s utter stupidity to suppose that the assets of a Liberation Organization can survive on the mercy and good will of the head of state you seek to overthrow, capture and kill.
I’m convinced Museveni convoy was attacked. I’m not interested in the material used in the attack. .
And I’m sure that the press unit wouldn’t publish the exact photo of the car that was hit.
Certainly that is classified. ..
A dummy photo can be used to relay the message and simple brains would concentrate on that. ..
I don’t crave to convince anyone for anyone’s opinion isn’t that material.
The election in Arua is steeped in extreme violence that witnessed the brutal liquidation of Abiriga…
Abiriga had a family, friends and fans. .
Abiriga wife too could speak good Swahili to BBC. ..
Many of you were happy Abiriga was dead. ..And you were eagerly awaiting the death of Magezi, Anite etc ..
At least yours are receiving treatment. ..
You talk of kidney failure. .?
Abiriga brains and shattered skull was entertainment for you. ..
The bullets that killed Abiriga and Yasiin (Kyagulani driver) are deliberate and political. ..
That is worthy monitoring and interrogating. ..
I heard Besigye say at Katonga that it was fine for people to pick weapons. .
Indeed that was sweet music. ..
We have progressively delivered ourselves into violence. ..
Violence has its own laws. ..
You do everything possible to kill without being killed. ..
Violence is not a musical festival. ..
Those who attempt at Museveni. ..tasaga. ..He is not a joker. ..
How can one be a face of struggle to overthrow Museveni??
Besigye being a face of struggle to overthrow Museveni. .?
The likes of Besigye facilitate the elimination of the likes of Yasiin. ..
Jamilu Mukulu and Kamoga were never beaten but never got bail. ..
The Besigye and Kabaziguruka are charged with treason, get bail and even never report back. .
The many young lads with them were executed. ..
That is the meaning of their being the face of the struggle. ..
Simply to facilitate Museveni eliminate potential soldiers of the liberation struggle.
It’s business. ..
Authentic faces of the Liberation struggle operate underground. ..
How can you coordinate a liberation struggle to overthrow Museveni on Katonga road where you openly address Museveni media?
You can’t do a Mandela on the NRA. ..
You can’t put on a Malema and match on the streets inciting an uprising against Museveni and live. ..
You must have a rare to withdraw to and build a Defence. ..
At least not after the death of Abiriga. ..
Indeed Kyagulanyi is now a military property. ..Go there with stones if you are men.
You can’t. ..
The Liberation struggle is science. ..
I saw Hajji Ssebagala….After his release from the American prison, Kampala was closed. ..
Seeya had crowds. ..
Seeya had a Youth Brigade. .
Seeya now is a presidential advisor to Museveni. ..And after many had died in his name. ..
The ground today is different. ..
If you think it’s a mere theatre. ..
You are dead. ..
Kyagulani is crying. ..
Zake is crying
Others including myself have already cried. ..

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