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Security Arrests 3 Suspects in Dr Ibrahim Gwaluka Assassination

Three suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder of Uganda government doctor Dr. Ibrahim Gwaluka.

Police has since recovered the killer gun recovered from one of the suspects’ home.
The suspects are now kept at CPS Iganga as investigations are going on.
Dr Ibrahim Gwaluka,who has been working at Kigandalo Health Centre IV was shot dead last Friday by gunmen.

According to police, Dr Gwaluka, 31, was shot in his car in his compound in Bulubandi Village, Nakigo Sub-county.

James Mubi, the Busoga East Regional police spokesperson, said the medical doctor at the time of the incident, which occurred around 8 pm, was with his wife who survived.

“The doctor was killed on spot but his wife whom he was within the car was just beaten up by the thugs before running away,” he said, adding that the motive of the killing is not clear as no property was taken.

According to family members who witnessed the incident, the assailants were already in the compound by the time the doctor’s car entered through the gate.

“It is said that as the car parked, the gunmen approached from in front and opened fire, targeting the doctor,” said one of the family members who refused to be named.

He added: “The woman bent down as gunshots sounded and as the assailants concentrated on the Doctor.

She managed to escape and hid in the latrine”.
Swaibu Mpoya, the Bulubandi village chairman, said that the perpetrators were after the doctor’s life as they didn’t take any money or property.

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